Individual, Marital & Family Therapy - Orange County

Do you feel stuck and discouraged in your life be it in your relationships, career, or reaching your personal goals? You're not sure if it's the situation, or family dynamics that prevent you from moving forward and being happy. I can help you sort it out and join you in beginning to tear down walls that prevent you from having a joyous, peaceful, and productive life.

Individual Therapy

Are you feeling stuck or having difficulty finding your unique path in life?

With Individual Therapy, we will discover and remove the road blocks to your success so that you can feel empowered and have more freedom in your journey.

Marital Therapy

As a couple are you feeling more distant from each other or having more frequent arguments and you do not feel heard or understood?

Or has there been infidelity or an affair and you are not sure how to manage through the pain of your relationship?

Couples/Marital therapy will help you rebuild broken trust and help you build relationship skills that lead to greater growth and intimacy.


Are you having difficulty relating to your child or teenager?

You feel you are arguing more often or they are shutting you out? Are there greater stressors going on such as a death, separation or divorce?

Family therapy will help you find a better connection with your child or teenager and help your family get through conflicts and stresses in positive ways and create greater understanding and support for one another.