About Dr. Greenslade

Therapist Garden Grove

As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Greenslade provides individual, marital and family therapy in Garden Grove, California. She provides a warm and comfortable environment to work on relationship issues, loss or grief, depression, anxiety or fears, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), spirituality, women’s issues, child or adolescent issues, parenting, anger, and career. She also provides pre-marital counseling.

Dr. Greenslade began her career as a nurse. She has worked extensively with the deaf and hard of hearing, and is fluent in American Sign Language. Prior to starting her private practice in 2006, she worked for the Meier Clinic in Long Beach and Whittier providing individual, marriage, and family therapy with children and adults in an out-patient setting. View Dr. Greenslade’s Resume.

Dr. Greenslade enjoys music (she studied music composition at Towson State University in Maryland), and exploring the great outdoors with her dog.