Cindy Greenslade, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Orange County CA


2001 Ph.D. Clinical Psychology ROSEMEAD SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY
Biola University, La Mirada, California
Full APA Accreditation
(magna cum laude)
1993 B.S. Psychology LIBERTY UNIVERSITY, Virginia
(cum laude)
1988 26 credits Music Composition
Minor (3.85 GPA)


Licensed Clinical Psychologist
State of California
Board of Psychology (License # PSY19197)
Licensed Registered Nurse
State of Maryland/State of California,
Board of Registered Nursing (License # 513511 )

Professional Employment

5/06- Present Private Practice

12792 Valley View Street, Suite 209
Garden Grove, CA 92845
(714) 403-7356

Provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples, children and families utilizing psychodynamic, relational, and cognitive behavioral approaches based on the individual needs of the clients. An integrative approach to theology and spirituality are also used.

3/02 – 5/06 Meier Clinic
(Long Beach Office)
4401 Atlantic Ave., Suite 430
Long Beach, California 90807
(562) 428-3266

(Alliance Psychology Group)

Supervisor: Keith Douds, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
(Whittier Office)

9200 Colima Road, #309
Whittier, California 90605
(562) 696-4323

Supervisor: Robert Whitcomb, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As a Licensed Psychologist and Psychological Assistant, individual, marriage, and family therapy with children and adults were provided in an out-patient setting. Short- and long-term therapies were used.

2/02 – 6/02 California School for the Deaf, Riverside

3044 Horace Street
Riverside, California 92508
(909) 782-6538

Supervisor: Paul Wheatly, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Assisted the school temporarily while staff was on short-term leave. Conducted initial and triennial psycho-educational evaluations to deaf and hard of hearing students from Elementary through High School, as well as all ages within the Special Needs department. Recommended treatment plans and provided written and verbal reports to staff and parents at Individual Education Planning meetings. Also provided special psychological evaluations when requested by parents or teachers. All assessments and meetings were given in American Sign Language

7/01 – 1/02 Patton State Hospital

3102 E. Highland Avenue
Patton, California 92369
(909) 425-7795

Supervisors: Dennis Wallstrom, Ph.D., April Wursten, Ph.D., ABPP

Provided psychological services on a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit for forensic patients. Services provided include but were not limited to admission evaluations and psychological assessments, individual and group psychotherapy with an emphasis on court competency, dealing with mental illness, and relapse prevention. As a member of the interdisciplinary team, quarterly evaluations of the patient’s progress were made and a treatment program prescribed for each patient. Semiannual evaluations were also completed of the patients’ readiness to return to the community or court and a report sent to the court with the team recommendation. Evaluated and testified at the Board of Prison Term Hearings regarding placement and annual reviews of patients who have been paroled to the hospital (Mentally Disordered Offender).

9/98-5/99 Biola Counseling Center13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, CA 90639

Supervisor: Joan Jones, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Provided individual and couples therapy to private university graduate and undergraduate students and staff with diverse ethnicities. Community psychological services were also provided to a wide range of individuals from professional to working class, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. Short- and long-term therapies were used. Other responsibilities included intake evaluations, psychological testing, and on-call crisis services.

7/97- 5/99 Deaf Journey Counseling ProgramLutheran Social Services
704 N. Glassell
Orange, California 92867

Supervisor: Burton N. Winer, M.A., MFCC, Director of Behavioral Health Services.

Participated with a team of therapists in the development and establishment of the Deaf Counseling Program.

As a therapist, provided psychotherapeutic treatment to adult and child deaf and hard of hearing populations using American Sign Language. Psychotherapeutic services included individual, couple and family counseling, as well as court mandated treatments (i.e., therapy with implementation of parenting skills training, anger and stress management, etc.). Diagnoses and issues of clientele included depression, anxiety, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, foster care and reunification issues, and personality disorders. Services also involved coordination with social workers, case workers, and rehabilitation personnel.

5/92-7/95 Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center Inc.6700 Freetown Road,
Columbia, MD 21044

Telephone hotline crisis intervention counselor for hearing and deaf adults and adolescents; Assessed suicide lethality, traced and sent intervention when appropriate; worked with community mental health agencies in providing support for clients when therapists were out of town. Assessed clients for emergency shelters and made necessary referrals; Provided individual walk-in counseling.

Teaching Experience

2/99-5/99 Marriage and Family Therapy (3 Units) - Instructor

West Coast Deaf Bible College
5221 Arbor Road Suite 4
Long Beach California 90808

(562) 496-1776

(An extension program of Logos Christian College and Graduate Schools, Jacksonville, Florida)

Taught a college Marriage and Family Counseling class to undergraduate deaf adults in American Sign Language. The course examined the foundations of a successful marriage, counseling methods used with married couples undergoing conflicts, parental disciplining problems, child nurturing, and cross cultural issues. Emphasis was also placed on family systems and structural approaches.

9/98-12/98 Introduction to Psychology (3 Units) - Instructor

West Coast Deaf Bible College
5221 Arbor Road Suite 4
Long Beach California 90808

(562) 496-1776

(An extension program of Logos Christian College and Graduate Schools, Jacksonville, Florida)

Taught a college Introduction to Psychology class to undergraduate deaf adults in American Sign Language. The class was a presentation of the various theories in psychology, verifiable principles, and the implications of the discipline of psychology.

Supervision Training

9/98-5/99 Teaching Assistant/Supervisor – Marriage & Family Therapy Lab Class I & II

Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University
13800 Biola Ave.,
La Mirada, California 90639

(562) 903-4867

Supervisor: Marcia Stroup, Ph.D. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Responsible for live supervision of co-therapy teams comprised of graduate students enrolled in a lab marriage and family class. Supervision included observation from a one-way mirror, the use of wireless ear monitors and audio-visual feedback. Modalities employed included a systems and structural approach along with the use of psychodrama. Clients included couples, nuclear families, and extended families of origin who were referred through Biola Counseling Center. Additional responsibilities included instruction regarding the principles and practice of co-therapy, case management, intervention design and implementation, one to one and group supervision of the graduate students, as well as facilitation of group building experience and clinical skills evaluation. Personal weekly one-hour supervision of cases was provided by the course instructor.

9/97-5/98 Teaching Assistant/Clinical Supervisor – Empathy Skills Training Lab -

Pre-practicum I, II

Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, 13800 Biola Ave., La Mirada, California 90639 (562) 903-4867

Supervisor: Gary Strauss, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Provided clinical supervision weekly to a small group of first and second year graduate students in a therapy training course in basic empathy skills and interpersonal process. Clients were students from the university. Case supervision included the use of a one-way mirror and audio-visual feedback for evaluation of therapeutic skills, one hour post-therapy supervision and group supervision each week, and evaluation of intake summaries and case notes. Personal weekly supervision of cases was provided by the course instructor.

Supervised Clinical Practica/ Internship

9/99 – 8/00 Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center

1339 20th Street
Santa Monica, California 90404

(310) 829- 8921

Supervisors: Randy Ahn, Ph.D., Robert Bryd, Psy.D., Carol Cuvillier, Ph.D., Fay Murakawa, Ph.D., John Weisz, Ph.D., Claritia Wisnia, Ph.D.

Psychology Intern: APA-Accredited internship. Provided psychotherapy for children from birth through eighteen through individual, family, and group modalities. Coordinated and co-facilitated parent education groups utilizing the STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting), as well as facilitated parent and collateral children’s social skills groups in the ADHD clinic, and preschool social skills groups. Involved in on call duties as well as crisis intervention utilizing short-term modalities.

Also provided psychotherapy for children and adults in the Deaf program and participated as a member of the multi-disciplinary team. Led and co-facilitated domestic violence groups for male and female deaf perpetrators and sent quarterly reports to the court regarding client progress.

Psychology Intern (continued): Coordinated services for deaf clients including DCFS, legal aid, housing, and education. Administered ten comprehensive psychological assessments including intellectual and/or personality assessment, as well as ADHD evaluations with both hearing and deaf clients.

Provided middle and continuation school outreach, community and hospital consultation , and preschool consultation. Caseload represented a range of developmental levels, diagnostic classification, and cultural backgrounds. Attended an extensive weekly schedule of seminars, didactic group experiences, and supervision. Training included experience in crisis intervention and brief therapy models, including the UCLA Depression Study PASCET program.

6/98 – 5/99 Inter-Community Alternative Network (ICAN)

155 North Madison Avenue
Pasadena, California 91101


Supervisor: Esther Coleman, R.N., Ph.D.

Provided supervision and assistance as well as individual and group counseling to adult men and woman with severe persistent mental illness in a psychosocial rehabilitation day treatment program. The primary therapeutic modalities used included cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapies. Also conducted group psychotherapy and psychoeducational groups (i.e., social skills, self-esteem development, stress management, pre-vocation training), as well as provided individual follow-up interventions in conjunction with a multi disciplinary treatment team. Other responsibilities included pre-vocational budgetary management and emergency on-call duties

9/97- 9/98 Biola Counseling Center

13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, California 90639


Supervisor: Joan Jones, Psy.D.

Provided individual, couples, child and family psychotherapy to community and university clientele. Psychotherapeutic services included short-term therapies using modalities such as cognitive behavioral, brief psychodynamic, and gestalt, as well as long term psychodynamic/object relations. Family therapy included systems and structural approaches. Psychotherapeutic services to children included play therapy, behavioral modification, and developmental/psycho-education counseling for parents. A variety of clinical issues were addressed such as anxiety, eating, and obsessive compulsive disorders, depression, abuse and dissociative issues, and personality disorders. Other responsibilities included intake interviews, interpretations of MMPI test results, and written reports completed on new clients. Also, psychological testing, interpretation, and integrative reports written. Outreach services included contact with professors and Resident Assistant’s regarding student problems, providing in-services, and testing a predominately male graduate student population and educating them on the therapeutic process in order to benefit their future profession.

9/96- 6/97 Centralia School District (Raymond Temple School Grades Pre-K-6)

6625 La Palma Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620

Supervisor: William McQueen, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist; David Patterson, M.A., School Psychologist

Helped develop a new child practicum site (school district) for Rosemead graduate students. Conducted initial and triennial psycho-educational evaluations with both deaf and hearing students. Recommended treatment plans and provided written and verbal reports to staff and parents at Individual Education Planning meetings; Individual and group psychotherapy with deaf elementary students ages 7-11, and s family therapy; Issues such as behavioral problems, ADHD, attachment, relational problems, child abuse, and issues regarding foster children, have been addressed.

* Led a 10 week social skills group for 10 and 11 year old deaf boys.

* Population – primarily Hispanic and Asian

* Conducted Therapy and Testing in American Sign Language

Consulted with Special Education teachers regarding the influence of deafness on families of different ethnic backgrounds and provided advice on issues related to ADHD in both hearing and deaf children.

6/96-8/96 Willow Creek Treatment Center / North Valley School

Victor Treatment Centers, Inc.
2164 Condo Court
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Supervisor: Barbara Mazur, MS., MFCC, Deaf Services Coordinator

Provided informal supportive counseling using American Sign Language, behavior management, and crisis intervention to emotionally disturbed deaf adolescents both during and after school hours in a residential unit.

2/96-5/96 Biola Counseling Center

13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, CA 90639

Supervisor: Cherry Steinmeier, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Shayne Stanley, M.A.

Student therapist to university undergraduate for one semester; precursor training to entering practica placements. Experience involved utilizing Rogerian style empathy skills. Evaluations were conducted using audio-visual review as well as live supervision via a one-way mirror.

9/97- 5/97 Marriage and Family I & II, Rosemead School of Psychology

Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, 13800 Biola Ave., La Mirada, California 90639 (562) 903-4867

Supervisor: Marcia Stroup, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Marriage & Family I & II is a year-long lab track offered at Rosemead School of Psychology. For the lab requirement, students are assigned to a co-therapy team and one student T.A. Clients are referred to the lab through Biola Counseling Center and are seen for the duration of the school year. Training includes audio-visual feedback/evaluation of therapeutic skills, live (via one-way mirror and wireless ear monitors) supervision in session, as well as group supervision, with both therapy teams. Modalities employed include family systems, gestalt, family-of origin/object relations, psychodramas, and cognitive/behavior psycho-education

Additional Training

2/99 Hypnotherapy Training

American Board of Hypnotherapy

Certification,  Irvine, CA (22 hrs.)

Other Professional Experience

1/01 – Present Disabled Student Programs and Services

Cyress College
9200 Valley View
Cypress, California 90630

Supervisor: Patricia Montalvo

American Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf: Provided interpreting services for deaf and hard of hearing students attending college.

1/93-7/95 National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Addiction Research Center (ARC)

NIH affiliate

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
4940 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21224

Supervisor: Linda Jefferson, Ph.D., R.N., C.S., C.D.

Core/Research Nurse; performed subjective observations of drug reaction and/or withdrawal symptoms; administered and evaluated diagnostic, surveying, data collection, and input for specific protocols/studies; administered double-blind drugs; assessed vital signs; collected blood and other physiological samples, and performed EKG’s: Also a member of the nursing research committee on the unit.

6/94 – 8/94 Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit (BPRU)

Behavioral Biology Research Center

5510 Nathan Shock Dr.
Baltimore, MD, 21224

Supervisor: Geoffrey K. Mumford, Ph.D.

Volunteer research apprenticeship summer program; surveyed, interviewed, and provided reports regarding the participants use of Naltrexone in an alcohol program; collected blood and sweat samples, assessed participant physiological and psychological status, as well as medical reports; and maintained reports on the results.

10/93 – 2/94 Population Research Inc.

6301 North Charles St., Suite 4
Baltimore, MD 21212

Supervisor: Khin Maung U, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Trained participants in study protocol; evaluated participant diaries regarding a new trial medication; evaluated medical and psychological reports; Collected biological samples and prepared them to be sent to a lab; coded research data; wrote and incorporated operations manuals for research procedures, organized data for analysis and used SPSS for statistical procedures.

1/89 – 2/94 Liberty Med Inc.

1247 Liberty Rd.
Eldersburg, MD 21784

Supervisors: Sue Davis; Elizabeth Schlenoff, M.D.

Walk-in emergency clinic nurse; assessed and triaged emergencies; evaluated and monitored patient status; gave immediate first aid treatment when needed; I.V. therapy, phlebotomy skills, and medication administration; performed EKG’s.; patient discharging, planning, and teaching; Assisted the lab technician when needed in operating equipment and evaluating diagnostic tests.

5/82 – 2/84 Arlington Baptist Nursing Center (St. Luke Lutheran Home Inc.)

7600 Clays Lane
Baltimore, MD 21207

Charge Nurse of a 100 bed geriatric nursing facility; Supervised and charge of implementing treatment plans according to patients’ needs; Scheduled group assignments of patients and jobs to staff members; Scheduled and coordinated tests for patients with doctors; Interceded with family, patients, and doctor problems that arose; Supervised 33 staff members on three shifts and substituted for the Director of Nursing when needed; Consulted with other members of the treatment team.

9/80 – 5/82 Saint Agnes Hospital

900 Caton Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21229


Specialty in Medical/Surgical fields.

Surgical Staff Nurse; Team Leader:

Evaluated patient status through monitoring, collection of clinical data, and diagnostic tests. Assessed and met patients’ daily physical and emotional needs. Maintained and updated patient charts and implemented nursing care plans. Administered medication and started I.V.’s when needed. Full time team leader during the evening shift and part-time team leader during the day shift, supervising personnel and patients on the unit.

Operating Room Nurse:

Assessed the needs and provided support for the patients, surgeons, and technicians. Assembled proper equipment and organized instruments while maintaining a safe environment. Assisted anesthesiologist in intubating patient prior to surgery. Specialized in Neurosurgery.